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Welcome to our new and growing spare parts store.

What else does a businessman do when he can't get out to do repairs due to covid? Yes - make a long overdue update to our online parts store. It is in "active development, so you may find some small errors. These errors should be corrected soon. Any questions, just use the contact button to email us. Anything you can't find, gain let us know. Thanks. Stay safe all.

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Genos Knobs

All Genos knobs/caps now added to out parts catalogue. We can also supply knobs/caps for most Yamaha products as well as Roland, Kawai, Korg and Casio. Please email us with your requirements and remem

Pedal Cables

Pedal cables can often get damaged beyond repair when transporting digital pianos. We have access to a large range of cables from various manufacturers Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Casio and Korg to name bu


Do some notes sound louder than others on your digital piano? Contact us now for a no obligation quote.


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